Moving from CoC to Neovim LSP
15 November 2023

A few weeks ago I made the switch from using Conquery of Code (CoC) to using Neovim's native Language Server Protocol (LSP). This modernized my vim setup and delivered the kind of hinting, linting, and completion necessary to code efficiently.

Dotfiles Exposed
14 November 2023

My Linux configuration files–colloquially known as dotfiles–are now publicily available. This post shares some interesting Git commands I learned when creating the repo.

How to install Linux on the eMMC of an Orange Pi 3 LTS
13 February 2023

It's impossible to buy a Raspberry Pi right now so my company is looking to the Orange Pi as an alternative. One perk is that these boards include eMMC memory so that the OS is stored on the board itself. Here's how to install Linux to the flash memory.